Romantic dinner proposal

Romantic dinner proposal

On the 2nd of December 2021, Uvir and Divaksha got engaged!

This lovely couple has been together for 8 years, so the time was right to pop the question.

Divaksha loves orchids and dressing up for occasions, so this was a central theme on the day. Uvir had booked to stay in Franschhoek for the night. There would be a couple of friends who would join them at the venue. Just another surprise for the lovely Divaksha. We booked them for dinner at La Residence, a stunning location in the heart of this wonderful town. A romantic dinner proposal was on the cards that night.

We used roses, orchids and a marry me sign as decor, which created a simple, yet beautiful area for the proposal.

Uvir told us the following; “She always wanted to propose under the Northern Lights. But this would be the next best proposal.

I will be in position waiting for her to arrive. She’ll be looking beautiful as always. When she arrives she will be under the impression that it’s just a fancy dinner. Once she realises what’s happening
I will express my love for her and then finally get on one knee.”

The above is exactly what happened, on their arrival, they walked down to the tea house, she had no idea what was happening. Uvir got on one knee and popped the question. We had signs made for them that said, I asked and finally, which was what he felt.

Congrats to his happy couple on their engagement, we wish them all the best for a happy and adventurous future.

Romantic dinner proposal

Romantic dinner proposal

Romantic dinner proposal

marry me sign


Romantic dinner proposal

La Residence

marry me

she said yes

will you marry me

Romantic dinner proposal

Photographer: Sian Owen

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