How to measure your partner’s ring size

How to measure your partner’s ring size

How to measure your partner’s ring size Wedding rings have long been exchanged as a symbol of love and devotion. The circular ring has neither a start not finish, which is symbolic of the everlasting union. If you are wondering on how to find your partner’s engagement ring size without them finding out, you are […]

Princess Diamonds

Princess Diamonds

Our great friends Princess Diamonds have launched their new website: Princess Diamonds Private Jeweller. We just love their new look & feel. A great company run by women for women. “Princess Diamonds is owned and run by sister team Jackie and Colleen. Having grown up within the diamond industry, it was only natural that the duo […]

How to speak engagement ring

How to speak Engagement ring

Planning on popping the question but have no idea where to start?! Well we suggest looking at the engagement ring first. Once the ring is brought then the idea of asking that important question becomes reality. We found this lovely diagram on Pinterest about “How to speak Engagement ring”. It tells you all about the […]

Perfect Ring


We received this lovely email from Perfect Ring Jewelers who are based in Dublin, Ireland. They sell engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewellery. The best part about their business is you can buy items online. They will assist in anyway to find that “perfect ring”. They put together an infographic about perfect places to […]

Engagement Rings are forever…

Diamonds are forever… and so are engagement rings! An engagement ring symbolizes that you are engaged to be married. That’s the obvious part! It represents a formal agreement of future marriage. A promise to one another to show you are committed. How did this romantic gesture come about… well it all  started back in Ancient […]