Greg and Inga garden marriage proposal

On the 18th November 2017, Greg asked Inga to be his wife! She said YES!!

When we first chatted to Greg his requirements for his proposal were for it to contain memories that were significant to their relationship, Inga had to be spoiled along the way, the setting must be outdoors and something relaxed and the big question needed to be popped in a unique way! A tall order… but we were so excited to jump on board and come up with the perfect proposal.

We chose the beautiful Makaranga Gardens as the location as it lends itself to the perfect location for a treasure hunt and perfect picnic spot. The day started with Inga heading to a nearby spa for some pampering and relaxation, and on completion of her treatments, she was handed a clue box asking her to drive to the gardens. On arrival, she was then handed a map of the gardens with 4 stops that had to be visited before she arrived at her final destination. These stops contained beautifully wrapped gift boxes filled with items that were special to moments along their relationship. When Inga arrived at the picnic spot, she had one final gift to unwrap. The box was rather large and had a personal note instructing her to lift the box… yes, Greg was under the box on bended knee waiting to ask the love of his life to marry him!

One does not have to have been present at the proposal to conjure up the most precious picture in one’s mind of how thoughtful and romantic this proposal was. Greg and Inga then celebrated the moment with an indulgent picnic basket and Greg had flown in both moms to be present as well another very thoughtful touch.

This unique proposal was such fun to be part of and we are sure that Greg will continue to surprise Inga with many thoughtful dates in the future. Wishing this lovely couple everything of the best. Greg and Inga garden marriage proposal was perfect!

Greg and Inga garden marriage proposal Greg and Inga garden marriage proposal Greg and Inga garden marriage proposal Greg and Inga garden marriage proposal

Own photo’s taken.